Video Otoskop OX2

Advanced technology for safe diagnosis.


Seeing creates Confidence
Individual consultation of every customer is crucial for his under standing in your expertise and capacity. Due to the „participation view" on a monitor facilitates the dialog with the patient, supports you in the effective customer service, strengthens the business confi dence and contributes to a higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Innovative Design
The video otoscope OX2 was developed especially for the visual examination of the auricle, the outer auditory canal and the eardrum. The OX2 is very easy to install, quickly comprehensive and easy to operate.

Proper hygienic
Disposable ear funnel with different diameters guarantee hygienic proper visual surveys.

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OX2 Video Otoscope USB 01

OX2 Video Otoscope USB 02

OX2 Video Otoscope USB 03


Optimal image display
The images and videos are processed with the USB 2.0 connector from the PC or laptop. The images can also be displayed on a medical monitor.

Time saving training
In addition is the OX2 the ideal tool for an efficient training of your staff for fitting hearing aids as well as the insertion and removing the hearing aid.

Mobile and versatile
The stand of the video otoscope can either be used on the desktop or as a wall-mount device. The power supply comes from the USB 2.0 connector. This is ideal for mobile applications such as home visits. The optional soft shell transportation case will protect the otoscope.

Otoscope OX2

Vision builds trust

Both the doctor and patients.
The video otoscope of orlvision support the doctor in the efficient diagnosis, the "co-view" on a monitor facilitates dialogue with the patient.
The new ....

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Technical Specification Video Otoskop OX2

Model   OX2
DiameterØ (Probe / Ear funnel)   4.0 mm / 2.5 mm + 4.0 mm
Focal Distance   8 - 20 mm
Interfaces   USB
Power Supply / Consumption   USB / max. 0.5 A
Risc Class (according to medical products law)   1
Protection Class (against electric shock)   Class II
Operating Mode   Continous operation
Protection Class   IP65
Temperature (Transport / Operation)   -10° C to +70° C / 0° C to 40° C
Relative Humidity   0% to 95%
Air Pressure   950hpa to 1050hpa


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