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Eating – drinking – swallowing - esophagus – trachea. How does it all work together?
Our favorite explainer program demonstrates it in a practical example at the University Hospital in Cologne.

The following video from the WDR media library shows an example of the examination of the swallowing act.
It is performed using our RS1 video endoscope and according to the FEES (Fiber Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) standards and is explained in detail by the physician of the clinic in parallel with an X-ray image and a plastic.

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Let us go move forward through this difficult time together while being considerate, helpful and prudent.

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See builds confidence, both in users and patients. Video endoscopes of orlvision assist in the efficient diagnosis, which facilitates "with view" on a monitor the dialogue with the patient.




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Video Rhino Laryngoscope RS1 & RX1 USB Video Rhino Laryngoscope for ENT doctors


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Due to the ongoing dialogue with our customers, we receive valuable suggestions, requests and suggestions in developing our video endoscopes. Only a few manufacturers put these ideas into action.

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Orlvision does. In our products by professionals from the industry are designed to provide real solutions for the customer.
From this collaboration our video endoscopes arise.

»In developing our video endoscopes we go to border to expand it.
For more confidence. Increased effectiveness and efficiency. Time-saving documentation of findings and increased patient frequency.«

Alexander Boll, Managing director


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Video Rhino Laryngoscope RS1 / RX1

The new generation
video rhino laryngoscope

The latest design in Video-Endoscopy is the Video-Rhino-Laryngoscope by orlvision. It has been designed for endoscopy and image capturing especially for ENT doctors. Users all over the world confirm that the interplay between optics, illumination and camera electronics provides extremely clear images.

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